Enterprise Information Management Special Interest Group

The Enterprise Information Management Special Interest Group is the place to engage, contribute, participate, and discover the most relevant, up-to-date, and high-quality content for enterprise information management.

We exist to enable you to achieve information excellence, to run better with complete, trusted and accurate information, through data governance from its creation to archival.

Through the group, we assist you to unlock the power of information, to provide the most trusted information and achieve operational excellence through sharing up-to-date content, top trends and SAP Strategy for Enterprise Information Management around the following categories:

  1. Data integration:  Deliver complete and accurate information by managing data of any size from any data source
  2. Data quality management: Establish trust in information by cleansing and enriching structured and unstructured data  
  3. Master data management: Govern master data from its creation to delivery –to ensure consistent data across enterprise
  4. Content management: Connect documents with structured processes to increase operational efficiency
  5. Information lifecycle management: Manage information across its lifecycle with data archival and retention management

Join us as we discover these categories with our customers in our events.