Operations Management Special Interest Group

In broad terms, Operations Management, refers to the transformation process whereby inputs (services, raw materials, capital, labour, technology, machines) are converted into usable goods or services. Components such as operations planning, design, management, manufacturing and control form the key components.

Good Operations Management aims to:

  • Provide a high level of productivity
  • Be competitive (cost and quality)
  • Deliver timeously
  • Produce goods as per customer specification
  • Be flexible and responsive to changing environments (demand, market conditions, internal company needs)

Typical lines of business (LoBs) that falls under Operations Management, include Asset Management, Sourcing & Procurement, Manufacturing and Supply Chain.   Technologies play a major role and new areas such as Internet of Things, big data, block chain and machine learning are impacting the way in which organisations manage their operations.

The AFSUG Operations Management SIG aims to promote a general understanding of this area, support SAP customers with relevant events and information and promote the use of SAP’s proven and new suite of solutions in this area.