Real Estate Management Special Interest Group

The AFSUG Real Estate Management SIG is all about World Class Plan, Build, Run, Innovate operations. This SIG aims to promote a general understanding of the SAP Real Estate Management solution, support SAP customers with relevant events and information and promote the use of SAP’s proven and new suite of solutions in this area.

SAP Real Estate Management has the appropriate solutions to collect and validate data about lease contracts respectively for properties assets according to the new lease accounting rules IFRS 16 effective from January 1st 2019.

This solution provides a single point of entry for collection, validation of lease contract data, performs valuation calculations and generates the financial postings derived from these calculations.

Come Join us and hear first-hand how you could:

  • Evaluate readiness for new accounting standards
  • Obtain required legal, financial, and business validations quickly and efficiently
  • Gain visibility into revenue-related data for better strategic planning and decision making
  • Save time and costs through collaboration