Dear User Community,


SAP has recently made some important announcements designed to benefit customers who use SAP in combination with other solutions. I am contacting you directly to draw your attention to this and to explain where you can go for more information.


Historically, most use of SAP systems was via a direct SAP interface and customers licensed named users for this purpose. However, we live in an increasingly digital and integrated world and use of SAP has evolved so that a Named User model may not be the best or most appropriate licensing model.


While it is important to note that SAP licensing terms and conditions have not changed, SAP has announced new licensing options and financial incentives so that customers can license use via intermediary applications and interfaces in a way which is simple, transparent and value based.


Since SAP introduced Digital Access in 2018 the take up has been very good. Over 800 customers have licensed this engine according to the metric of documents created in the digital core. But SAP wants to do more to encourage awareness and take-up of this option. SAP has been collaborating with User Groups, like AFSUG, across the globe to announce both financial incentives and additional measurement support to help customers assess whether this option is relevant and beneficial.


If you would like to understand how to move forward with confidence you can click on this link to find more details or to arrange a free no obligation assessment. You can also reply to me on this email and I will put you in touch with a specialist who can explain the model and review whether it is relevant to your organization.




Legacy Model:

• Direct Human Access is user-based

• Indirect / Digital Access is primarily user-based

• SAP application Access requires no additional ERP license


New Model:

• Direct Human Access is user-based

• In direct / Digital Access is outcome based

• SAP application Access requires no additional ERP license


Thank you and Kind Regards

The AFSUG Team



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