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1. Note from AFSUG Chairman
2. Looking Back
3. Strategy Session Feedback
4. Understanding the action’s and way forward
5. Special Interest Group Structure 2018
7. Who are you and if you don't want SPAM - read on....
6. Participate as a steercom volunteer
8. Membership 2018
9. Graduates registration
Please click here – complete the form allowing us to segment what information you receive, help us understand you and our target audience for each solution and SIG better and overall more VALUE to each of you within our SAP User Group Community!
AFSUG are recruiting VOLUNTEERS for any of the Special Interest Group's, listed - above are the detailed Steercoms and relevant vacant positions.

To view the Terms of Reference - which details the role of a Steercom Member - click here

Affording you an opportunity to share your SAP Journey, Experiences, Success's and Challenges to date with the broader SAP User Community.

Time required, 2 hours a month, AFSUG & the SIG host a F2F Steercom Meeting - (dial in is available). In participating as a member, your input which is essential in suggesting topic's, finding presenters, hosting an actual SIG event where required, but much fun is had and it is again a platform that you can utilise to build your own personal network within the SAP User Group Network.

The rest of the logistics are managed by AFSUG and the back-office team for the Special Interest Group you choose to be a Steercom member of.

All Volunteers are recognised for their input throughout each year, hosted at our annual awards dinner whereby we thank you each volunteer individually for your efforts and passion given so freely to AFSUG.

Any travel you conduct as a Steercom Member (when required) is covered by AFSUG.

To further apply click here to complete the form
Register to attend the Session

The African SAP User Group invites you as a GRADUATE to attend any AFSUG events annually, in all regions at NO COST. We offer you the opportunity to utilise the AFSUG Platform to expand your network within the SAP Eco-System.

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For further information regarding The African SAP User Group, please contact:

Tracey Greig or 084 518 5278

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