New Tool for Knowledge Transfer Webinars




Dear All,


We would like to inform you about our new webinar tool Zoom, which we will use by default for all future Knowledge Transfer webinar sessions. This new tool helps us  improve the experience for both the attendees and the expert speakers. It includes a simplified, one-click dial-in, enhanced Q&A options and poll functions, as well as a facilitated access from mobile devices. In addition, the quality of our recordings will be enhanced significantly. 

Joining the sessions is very simple - you will find a short description in every webinar's meeting request. Each webinar has its own unique link, that will be included in the dial-in details as well.

Please find the download links for the Zoom plug-ins and mobile apps below.


Zoom Plug-Ins and Mobile Apps

Please feel free to forward this mailing to your User Group members. 


Kind regards,

Your SAP User Groups Knowledge Transfer Team


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